NYC Pagans

Networking and Community Building for NYC Pagans

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A networking community for Pagans in the NYC Metropolitan area. Please post announcements of interest to local Pagans, including:

Open Rituals
Group/ Grove/Circle/Hearth/Coven information
Networking Events
Pagan Concerts and Art Shows
Pagan Shops and Metaphysical Resources
Pagan Clergy and Services
News items dealing with Paganism, especially in the NYC area

While you are free to post information about an event or advertising your services, please do NOT spam the community. One posting per event, please; members can check the archives for more information.

You may also share about yourself and your journey, especially if you are looking for people with whom to share your path. Please introduce yourself when you join.

Let's make this a positive resource to meet like minded people and to exchange ideas. Please treat each other with respect -- no flaming, trolling or proselytizing allowed!