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NYC Pagans
Networking and Community Building for NYC Pagans
please sign this petition against kathy lee for her remarks 
10th-Jul-2008 07:10 am
The links now work thanks to Night Flower. Please pass this on.


It has been a long time since I have posted, hoping some may remember me, and hope all are doing well :)

"As much as His Highness is trying to conserve his energy for Sirius Rising and Starwood some challenges do find him that need to be dealt with. He and Jordan take their role within this very diverse combination of tribes very seriously. They are only about two hundred signatures short of the needed five thousand to protest Kathy Lee Giffords thoughtless negative remarks about pagans."

Being as the Video The Faery King Posted is important, as well as the Petition regarding Nasty Pagan's I am hoping I have created WORKING links to both.

Faery King's You Tube Video Link ::Click::

Nasty Bad Pagans Petition ::Click::

Love and Light~
Night Bloom
10th-Jul-2008 10:00 pm (UTC)
One of the first things Long Island Open Circle did was to contact the Today Show's producer and invite Kathie Lee Gifford to attend our next ritual, but they didn't even bother to return our calls.

One woman contacted us after we'd made the declined offer known on Witchvox and said, "I talked to Jim Bell personally. He told me, and I quote 'there are no plans for an apology.' He told me in no uncertain terms that Kathie Lee did nothing wrong, that she was speaking of the 'old pagans...the heathens and the irreligious pagans that took delight in sensual pleasures' and not any religious group. He told me that if we actually were an 'organized religion' it would be 'easier to deal with.' I told him I thought it was a shame that the Today Show has taken this stance and to allow one of their representatives to insult and slur members of a recognized religion of the United States of America. he did say that perhaps an educational segment would be good, but I'm not counting on that."

I suggest we contact the sponsors who advertise on The Today Show and let them know we are not interested in buying their products until Ms. Gifford has made a proper apology for her statement.

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